What Collectors Say

This, like so many of your paintings, touches my soul. Your artwork is authentic and personal.
Anna, Collector
The energy in this painting is amazing! It truly captures the journey to higher self. Christina has quite a gift!
Megan, Collector
Such beautiful dimensions of light radiate through every brushstroke. Christina, your work is truly transformative. I am so grateful to you for sharing this gift with us all.
Lauren, Collector
This painting is absolutely stunning. It has a purity and a beauty emanating off of it.
Karin, Collector
Your paintings are a source of creative inspiration, boundless space and peace, deep joy and all-embracing wisdom. They radiate beautiful dimensions of light, guiding me and making me feel at home. I decided to get a painting for each room in my house; soon I will need a bigger home...
Eva, Collector
Your art is deeply beautiful, and inspiring…emanating blessings of stillness and joyful boundlessness. I am so glad you are creating, and sharing, and I feel inspired by you and your work. Thank you!
Robin, Collector
When I saw this painting my heart filled with love, joy and ecstasy. It was such a wonderful feeling, like falling in love. Every time I see this painting I can feel the dimensions she goes through, she is still yet very aware, peaceful yet all explosive around her. All those wonderful colors express the way I feel.
Blanka, Collector
The first time I saw these ladies of light I literally cried – tears of joy at the pure and high vibration that emanates from their eyes. They are amazingly imbued with light and are a blessing for your home.
Sara, Collector
It’s absolutely gorgeous and will bring light and hope into my office, where I work with domestic violence survivors.
Heather, Collector
I love my magical lady! She is hanging above my desk and sharing her aura of stillness and mystery. Thank you, Christina. Your work is positive, inspiring and so full of depth!
Heidi, Collector
Our Lady graces my living room with beautiful energy and brings a smile to my heart every time I see her.
Luisa, Collector